For insomnia, sour cherries can do a good job

Insomnia: how to deal with it?

Insomnia can have many causes: It can be illnesses that prevent us from sleeping or psychological problems such as stress or worries. One in three people now suffers from sleep problems.

Among working people, the figure was as high as 80% recently, and the numbers are rising. However, since sleep is the most important regenerative measure for the body, solutions must be found to combat it.

Because little night’s rest brings problems and illnesses with it. Without sufficient sleep, our head cannot process and sort out the impressions gathered during the day.

So we find it harder to think, our performance drops and we forget many things. Irritable behavior is typical.

But our immune system also becomes more susceptible: to viruses and infections. The risk of diabetes and vascular diseases is increasing. Good and sufficient sleep is therefore important.

Sauerkirchen can help with insomnia

If you are exhausted and your eyes are closing, but sleep still refuses to come, then you are quickly in despair. Some resort to warm milk or other natural remedies for insomnia, others even to sleeping pills.

However, the remedies often help little or have negative side effects. However, numerous researchers are on the trail of a red fruit that is said to improve sleep: Montmorency sour cherry.

Why this of all varieties should be better than others? Some time ago, scientists discovered that Montmorency sour cherries contain a much higher amount of natural melatonin than other common sour cherry varieties.

The content of the sleep hormone exceeds that of commercially available cherries by six times. In addition, the plant profile is rounded off by other useful substances, such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which also promote sleep.

Power fruit from the States

Montmorency sour cherries grow mainly in the USA and have been cultivated since the 19th century. Cultivated mainly in Michigan in the nineteenth century. This is also where they first came into the focus of doctors, but for a completely different reason: gout patients complained less frequently about problems in this area.

Researchers have discovered that the power cherry contains numerous healthy nutrients that can have a positive effect on our body.

These include anti-inflammatory, regenerative and even sleep-promoting properties.

New findings: Montmorency sour cherries help twice over

It is no longer a secret that the Montmorency sour cherry contains a large amount of melatonin. But in 2017, a new mechanism of action of the cherry was discovered in a study.

Before melatonin is produced in the body, it passes through several phases. One of the first stages is the amino acid L-tryptophan, which is processed to 5-HTP, then to serotonin and finally to melatonin.

However, if L-tryptophan is broken down in the body, not enough melatonin is produced in the evening and we suffer from insomnia.

The Montmorency sour cherry, however, contains the substance procyanidin B-2, which inhibits the enzyme that breaks down the L-tryptophan. In this way, enough melatonin can be produced in the body and we can say “good night” to insomnia.

Insomnia adé with Cherry PLUS Silence

So the Montmorency cherries can actually have the potential to help with insomnia. However, since they are grown in the USA, it is almost impossible to get fresh fruit.

So there are numerous products on the market, such as dried cherries or concentrates, respectively. Capsules. It should be noted that foreign manufacturers like to add additives and sugar to make the product last longer.

However, this is not particularly healthy. However, the only German manufacturer Cellavent Healthcare offers specifically with its product Cherry PLUS Montmorency sour cherry capsules for sleep, which are equipped with an extra portion of 5-HTP and the “sleep berry” Ashwagandha to increase the effect in a natural way.

Although the Montmorency cherry can increase the quality and duration of sleep, it still only helps to combat symptoms. No drug can combat the causes of insomnia.