Promote sleep health with box spring beds and the right mattress

Back problems adé: Promote sleep health with box spring beds and the right mattress

You have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep? There are many possible reasons for this. If the cause is back problems, for example, a box spring bed and a good mattress may be a remedy. A high quality model relieves the spine and prevents pain. Which aspects you should pay attention to, you can read in this article.

Where do sleep problems come from?

Disturbances in falling asleep or sleeping through the night can have a wide variety of causes:

  • Stress,
  • Depression and similar mental illnesses,
  • Breathing disorders such as sleep apnea or snoring,
  • Psychosocial problems,
  • Medication,
  • Loud ambient noise,
  • Irregular sleeping times, for example due to shift work,
  • or intensive sport or substantial meals directly before going to bed.

These are just a few examples that can have a negative effect on your sleep. In some cases, however, the cause is quite different, which many do not expect: The bed in which you sleep. Is the slatted frame incorrectly adjusted? Are you lying on a mattress that is not designed for you and your body? This is when spinal misalignment can occur.

This is not only uncomfortable, but also very detrimental to healthy sleep. In many cases it is not physical reasons, you are simply lying on the wrong surface.

Eliminate back problems with box spring beds and the right mattress

If the cause of back pain and sleep problems is actually the wrong bed, it is clear what to do: a new model is needed. It is not for nothing that high-quality box spring beds are a popular choice.

What distinguishes box spring beds?

They consist of three elements:

  • Boxspring: The base usually stands on four feet to allow optimal air circulation. In the stable frame there is a suspension, which is evenly strong over the entire surface of the bed and optimally adapts to your weight.
  • Tip: It is better to get a model with a high-quality barrel pocket spring core instead of a closed foam block. Because with the latter the positive effect of the bed is lost. A model that only has the appearance of a box spring bed is also not recommended.
  • Mattress: It lies on the box and should be perfectly adapted to your needs. Many couples choose different firmness levels when sharing a bed.
  • Topper: It protects the mattress, increases the comfort factor and is made, for example, of cold foam, visco or Klimalatex.

In a nutshell – advantages of box spring beds:

  • Luxurious look,
  • Pleasantly high entry level and practical lying height,
  • Perfect adjustment to individual needs,
  • High sleeping comfort,
  • Correct lying through zone under-springing relieves the spinal musculature.
  • A healthy sleeping position prevents back pain and tension.
  • A box spring bed with the right mattress yields where the weight rests. As a result, the back is straight when lying down, which can prevent pain.

Convinced? But be careful: if you buy a box spring bed and choose a suitable mattress, you can be picky, because there are big differences in quality. These do not always manifest themselves only in the price. Therefore, it is best to obtain detailed information from a specialist dealer or get advice in advance.

Which mattress is the right one?

You can prevent tension, back pain and resulting sleep problems with the right mattress on your box spring bed. This supports your body and ensures that your spine does not sag or arch upwards. Ideally, your back is straight when lying down, regardless of your sleeping position.

There are five different degrees of firmness: while H1 is very soft and suitable for children or light people, H5 is very firm. It provides optimum support for persons weighing 140 kilograms or more. Which firmness level you should choose can depend on the following factors in addition to personal taste:

  • usual sleeping position,
  • Weight,
  • Body size,
  • and sleeping habits.

Tip: The firmness levels of mattresses for box spring beds are not standardized, so it is best to test which one is suitable for you before buying.

Further tips for good sleep

You now know what to look for when choosing a box spring bed and mattress. But there are other aspects you can consider to promote healthy sleep: