Sita Ayurveda – Health prophylaxis according to ancient Indian knowledge

Sita Ayurveda – Health prevention according to ancient Indian knowledge

Ayurveda is a millennia-old Indian holistic healing art and an experiential science. The name “ayur”-“veda” means “knowledge of life”.

According to this knowledge of life, Ayurveda understands the human being – and of course medicine – holistically – in the unity of body, mind and soul.

Ayurvedic medicine is not a contradiction to European orthodox medicine, but a fantastic complement especially in the treatment of chronic diseases, but above all in the prevention of diseases.

Because proper nutrition, cleansing techniques to become free from physical, mental and spiritual burdens, taking balancing herbal substances and last but not least the practice of relaxation exercises and exercises that open one’s eyes to the beauty of life, contribute enormously to health and prevent diseases in the long term.

As David Frawley once said, “Whatever we can do ourselves to strengthen our own health is always better than what others can do for us.”

The basic concept of health in Ayurveda is a certain balance. Accordingly, diseases always occur due to imbalance.

As human beings we need both heaviness (“kapha”) for example to sleep and to be grounded, as well as fire (“pitta”) to be active, and lightness, air (“vata”) to be creative.

When these three basic elements are in balance within us, we feel good and healthy and enjoy life.

Special spice mixtures for the inner balance

Therefore, there are in Ayurveda, for example, special spice mixtures, the so-called “Tridosha” Masalas, which bring all three elements simultaneously in balance.

The advantage of these spice mixtures is that one does not need to know one’s own constitution, because all three elements are brought equally into balance.

Thus one contributes with a completely small – apparently ridiculous action – enormously to the own health maintenance of the body.

Cleansing salts for detoxification

Similarly, the Sattva cleansing salts, which are mixed with a little water and applied to the body before showering, help to eliminate toxins from deeper layers of the skin, thus helping the body to detoxify and become free from disease-causing environmental influences and stresses.

These cleansing salts are available in both an activating version (if you are tired) and a calming version (if you are too hyper).

Gandusha – Oil pulling in the oral cavity

Another fantastic example of health prophylaxis in Ayurveda is “Gandusha” – an oil used to cleanse the mouth in the evening before going to bed.

We know today through medical research how much oral hygiene and dental health affects the whole body.

The Gandusha oil, which you move back and forth in your mouth for a few minutes and then spit out, binds the toxins in the oral cavity and strengthens the gums and teeth – and therefore contributes enormously to your own well-being and health.

Sita Ayurveda – Holistic healing methods of Ayurveda

Sita Ayurveda was founded in 2020 by Roman G. Kieslinger founded. The aim of Sita Ayurveda is to make the holistic health teachings and healing methods of Ayurveda mainstream in the West, including younger sections of the population.

Ayurveda is based – as said – on a deep understanding of life and therefore treats mainly the causes and not only the symptoms of discomfort and disease.

High quality products to improve health

The special thing about Sita Ayurveda are the absolutely high quality products, which can help many people to maintain and improve their health.

Sita Ayurveda’s products are mostly organic and sustainably grown. The ingredients of the organic products are consciously produced from Europe and with correspondingly high European standards.

It makes sense to treat people mainly with the plants and herbs that come from their culture, because the tolerance of products is often greater when they are not foreign to the body, but known to it.

Ayurveda – Life in harmony and unison

Ayurveda, properly understood, is not only a health teaching, but a knowledge of how to live happily, healthily, with strength and in balance.

We all feel today more than ever that the western lifestyle and diet has become a problem – not only for us, but for the whole planet.

To find back to a life that is in harmony with itself and in harmony with the earth, for this also and especially the old Indian methods of Ayurveda help.

In this sense Sita Ayurveda also wants to raise the awareness that we humans have it substantially in the hand, how happy and healthy we are.