Beet and its healing properties in many areas

Beet and its healing properties

There are many wisdoms, which entwine themselves around the miracle vegetable beet. Famous is the proven effect for lowering blood pressure.

What are beet good for?

In addition, the vegetable supports the liver through manganese in the self-cleansing process and stimulates the flow of bile by means of the substance betaine. Its high iron, copper and folic acid content promotes blood formation. The folic acid content drops after alcohol consumption, which is why this national vegetable is part of every hangover dish in Russia.

The vegetable can also help with fatigue caused by low folic acid levels when consumed weekly. Vessel walls are strengthened and even on the mood beet is positively affected.

It protects against certain types of cancer, helps with cardiovascular insufficiency and has a positive effect on inflammation and infections. The positive list is long.

Prepare as a mixed drink

If you do not like the sour earthy taste of beetroot, you can change the taste with fruits. Add fruity notes, also the usability of the ingredients of beetroot increases with the addition of vitamin C.

An effective recipe for a beet shake is the following mixture: take 350 grams of cooked beet, 10 tablespoons of yogurt, 300 ml of water and 1/8 of orange juice. This chopped in a blender, makes a tasty tonic drink.

Support weak people with beet

This drink is also suitable for very sick people or people whose immune system is weakened. People who are in long-term care, for example, also benefit from this tonic drink.

If they care for relatives, they can also support this group of people with such recipes and drinks. The usability during food intake increases due to the comminution of the food in the blender.

If they choose to care for loved ones at home, here’s how you can help with meals. All in all, the people who care for others often need support themselves as well.

Beet is an all-round vegetable that helps stressed and sick people, but also strengthens people in change of life phases or young people and children.