Coconut oil – the good and now very popular fat alternative

Coconut oil – the good fat alternative

Coconut oil is becoming more and more popular. Not only in the kitchen it can be used, but also in the cosmetic field, the oil is a very useful home remedy. But why is coconut oil popular and what are the advantages of using this oil?

Here we briefly give you the answers to these questions. In addition, we will show you some other advantages that coconut oil has.

What is special about coconut oil?

The oil is very easy to use and versatile in its application. The oil has a pleasant scent that is not intrusive. You need only a little of the oil to achieve a great effect.

The oil is especially good for vegans and allergy sufferers as it is completely free of animal products. The smell of the oil already shows that there is a lot of coconut in this oil.

What is the consistency of the oil?

Coconut oil, unlike other types of oil, is solid and only becomes liquid when heated. It is therefore good to take care when using that not too much solid oil is taken from the jar. Because as soon as the oil starts to become liquid due to heat, you can see that it is more oil than you would have previously suspected. It is therefore better to take smaller portions from the jar and heat them to get the right amount.

However, you do not have to heat the oil in a pot for cosmetic use. Alone by the body heat, the coconut oil begins to become liquid and can thus be very easily spread on the treated areas.

The oil itself is usually sold in a jar. This makes it easy to store the oil, as this jar can be easily twisted open and closed. Likewise, it takes up little space and is therefore easy to store.

If you do not want to do without coconut oil on the road, you can fill it into smaller containers and use it on the go. Due to the solid consistency, leakage of the oil is unlikely.

What should be considered when using coconut oil?

As already mentioned, one should be a little careful with the dosage. Likewise, the smell of the oil may take some getting used to. Not everyone finds coconut smell pleasant.

Since it is an oil, it is also important to be careful with the quantity of the product. Depending on the treatment area, if too much product is used, the areas can look greasy and too much shine can be given off.

Where to buy coconut oil?

Meanwhile, there are many markets in which coconut oil is offered. For this you do not necessarily have to go to an organic store. However, one should pay attention to the quality.

Where to find the oil in stores varies greatly. Some carry a special vegan range in which you can find the coconut oil. Likewise, it can stand with the oils in general or with organic products.

Each market has its own way of placing products. If you can’t find coconut oil in your chosen market right away, it may be worth asking an employee for help. This can tell you whether coconut oil is carried in the range or not.

In what areas can coconut oil be used?

Since coconut oil consists of purely vegetable ingredients, it can be used in many areas. As already mentioned, the oil is also well suited for cosmetic use. Especially in the winter time the oil can help with chapped and dry lips. Likewise, it can restore smoothness and suppleness to rough and dry skin areas.

Coconut oil is also good for the hair, as it can be used as a hair mask. But coconut oil is also suitable for daily use. For example, split ends can be prevented and the hair can be given a beautiful shine.

Coconut oil – a good alternative

Coconut oil is not only healthier than other types of oil and fat, it can also be used in many areas and has a pleasant scent. Therefore, it is worth trying this oil once and be convinced that it is a very good alternative to other types of oil.

By using coconut oil you can do without expensive cosmetic products and you even save money in the process.