Accelerate hair growth – Our tips and tricks for longer hair

The best tips to accelerate hair growth

Many women dream of healthy, strong and especially long hair. However, they often show little patience in the process.

Fortunately, however, some practical tips are available to accelerate hair growth.

What these are is shown in the following article.

Scalp massages

In order to stimulate the growth of the hair, it is necessary to stimulate the scalp. In this are finally the hair roots, in which the individual hair fibers are formed.

Through an optimized blood circulation of the hair root, it can absorb more nutrients, so that the hair growth is favored.

The classic massage with the fingers is an extremely quick and easy way to stimulate the scalp accordingly.

Daily the scalp should be massaged so with light pressure. According to scientists, just four minutes a day is enough for the hair to soon grow thicker and faster.

Nutrient cure

Basically, hair growth can only be strong and healthy if a supply of all essential nutrients is ensured.

Hair growth is delayed when the necessary building blocks are missing. In addition, the hair then often appear weak and thin.

Especially three nutrients are crucial for healthy and fast-growing hair, namely biotin, zinc and protein.

recommended sources of biotin are peanuts, dairy products and eggs. Whole grain products, legumes, beef and oysters are particularly rich in zinc.

Brittle and limp hair can often be traced back to a protein deficiency. This can be counteracted with tofu, lentils, dairy products and lean meat.

Products containing caffeine

On the shelves of drugstores you can find many products that promise to improve hair thickness and stimulate hair growth.

Often these tinctures contain caffeine, because this active ingredient can actually optimize hair quality.

Scientists have already proven that hair growth is promoted by caffeine, as the blood circulation in the applied area is improved and the falling out of the hair is thus delayed.

This allows the hair to grow faster and fall out in smaller quantities. However, in the course of applying the products should be absolutely sure to proceed evenly, otherwise the hair could grow back to different extents.

Essential oils

However, it is not only caffeine that is considered a true booster for hair growth. If essential oils are used correctly, they too can help hair grow faster.

Essential oils are volatile plant aromas, which have many different complex organic compounds.

Peppermint essential oil, for example, is exceedingly good for stimulating hair growth.

However, essential oils should not be applied undiluted to the scalp, as they are highly concentrated and may cause skin irritation or redness.

Thus, four to five drops of the oil should be mixed with a tablespoon of coconut oil or aloe vera gel. This combination is then massaged into the scalp and left on for around 15 minutes.

Incidentally, the peppermint oil also ensures the reduction of quickly greasy roots.

Gentle care products

In order to generate faster hair growth, it is necessary to eliminate all factors that affect growth. These include shampoos rich in sulfates.

Sulfates are cleansing surfactants that make shampoo lather and effectively remove styling residues, grease and dirt from hair.

However, they also have a strong drying effect, causing long-term damage to the fibers of the hair.

Since the tips then break off after a short time, the hair just does not seem to grow longer. Hair loss is also said to be promoted by the sulfates.

It is therefore recommended to use only gentle hair care products that do not contain sulfates. Ideal for this are, for example, natural cosmetic products that completely eliminate harmful ingredients.