Alkaline skin care, what is it all about?

Alkaline skin care, what is it all about??

You may be surprised to learn that a healthy skin pH tends to be acidic. With more acid, your skin can fight harmful microbes and damaging free radicals.

The opposite of this is formed by alkaline skin care. We’ll tell you what it’s all about.

Alkaline skin care: what is it actually?

However, an imbalance in acid-alkaline balance can be easily corrected by the body by simply neutralizing excess acids.

Until the seventies, only alkaline body care products were available for purchase. This is why we have decades of experience with alkaline skin care.

These products not only clean the skin, but also provide protection for our skin.

PH-neutral products, however, which are neither alkaline nor acidic, can trigger allergic reactions and damage the skin.

This can create an excellent breeding ground for fungi of all kinds, because fungi survive best in an acidic environment.

Therefore, the best choice for body care is to rely on alkaline-based products instead of acid-based products.

How does alkaline body care work and what are the benefits??

The more alkaline your facial cleanser is, the more skin irritation you’re likely to see. Acidic cleansers can help fight acne, which can subside once your pH is below 6.

On the other hand, more alkaline skin care ingredients can help maintain healthy skin for conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

In addition, alkaline skin care products often still provide natural protection for the skin.

When you use alkaline products, they react with the acids in our system, neutralize them and can dissolve them .

This stimulates the body to remove stored acids and release waste products, thus rebalancing the predominantly acidic environment of the cells.

For example, if you use an alkaline bath product with a pH of 8.5, the acidity level will drop significantly after an hour of bath time.

A healthy skin is able to regenerate its own acid mantle over and over again.

For example, one hour after a thorough hand washing, a normal pH value is established again.

However, this buffer system does not always function smoothly in young children, the elderly and with certain skin diseases.

Remember that a neutral pH is 7, with anything higher being alkaline and anything lower being acidic.

For skin, however, pH scales tend to be a bit broader, with acidity between 4 and 7.

The pH of your skin cleanser is important, as something with a high pH of 9 and above can dry and degrease your skin too much.

If your acid mantle and skin barrier are compromised, it can lead to bacteria that can cause acne and dehydration, which can lead to wrinkles.