Pimples and skin impurities – the 3 best measures against it

The 3 best measures against pimples

Pimples do not correspond to the general ideal of beauty, but they are usually from puberty more or less part of life. Those who fail to take preventive measures in time or who do not want to take them, usually have to deal with the annoying skin impurities more often and more intensively.

Then, once they are there, the question always comes up: How to treat pimples properly? Here we have summarized 3 of the best measures against pimples for you.

In advance: this alleged home remedy does not help against pimples

There is a persistent misconception that toothpaste helps against pimples. However, this often contains so many different substances that it is more likely to harm and irritate the skin than help it heal.

The same applies to many washing lotions and soaps, especially if they are also perfumed.

Measure #1: Sea salt

Whether in a spa, directly in the sea or by means of masks, baths or wet compresses prepared at home: Sea salt is a natural and manageable remedy for pimples. It stands out at first glance from toothpaste, which is quite the opposite.

Sea salt dissolved in water can be applied by the user with a cloth to the appropriate area (face, neck, neck, etc.).), but also a bath in sea salt water helps.

It is also less harmful to the unaffected areas of the skin, which can also become vulnerable to chemical bubble baths if the skin is already stressed.

Measure #2: Skin cleansing with natural masks

Skin masks, and not just on the face, are an effective way to cleanse, soothe and heal the skin. The user does not have to rely on expensive cosmetic products, but can make very effective mixtures with honey, for example with milk.

Such a skin mask should be used for approx. Leave on for 20 minutes and can then be gently washed off. The same applies to mixtures of healing clay. A corresponding application is recommended twice a week.

Measure #3: the appointment with the dermatologist

Other natural and thus gentle measures against skin impurities and pimples can be found here.

An anti-pimple stick can also help with pimples, as these dry out the pimples from within. However, if all these measures do not want to strike, then do not go to the drugstore out of shame and into the hands of the cosmetics industry.

It is better to go to the dermatologist. This knows advice and can perhaps still the one or other natural healing method point out and/or. Recommend a herbal preparation.

If all this does not help, then the only thing left to do is to treat the skin with conventional medicines, which support the body from the inside and with a lot of effectiveness against skin impurities.

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