Natural remedies against insect bites – help with itching and pain

Natural remedies for insect bites

Now that it is finally getting warmer outside, the first rays of sunshine bring out not only the beautiful butterflies, but also some pests. Even if some of them, like the bees, are very useful, it comes to one or the other sting. But also wasps and especially mosquitoes or horseflies do not stop at us. But what can you do now against when it has happened?

Insect bites, what to do to relieve pain and itching?

Most bites are often quite harmless, but still painful, accompanied by an annoying itch. First find out what could have stung you. If there is still a stinger in the skin, remove it carefully.

In case of stings from bees, wasps or even hornets, if ready, you can press a piece of moistened sugar cube on the spot so that it absorbs the liquid present.

If you suffer from allergies to insects, urgent help is advised. If you do not already have an antidote, you should immediately seek medical help or go there yourself or. have it brought to you. Some of these allergies can cause serious breathing problems.

Furthermore, nature has provided a variety of home remedies. One or the other plant is certainly also in your area.

1. The Pointe- & Plantain

The leaves of both plants are easily recognized in nature. Therefore, take off one of them and grind it between your fingers. If you are not afraid, put the leaf in your mouth and chew it, which is even more helpful. This paste is put on the puncture and left for some time. If you want to plan ahead for the summer, you can make your own ointment. If you also add essential tea tree oil to this preparation, the effect is increased.

2. The onion

Who gets it in the garden, has quickly times just an onion as a remedy at hand. Cut it in half and scratch one half a little so that juice comes out. Then rub the puncture site with it for some time.

3. Parsley

Also the parsley herb brings relief. Pick off a bit of it and chew it into a paste, which is applied to the affected area.

4. The Aloe Vera

Another remedy is found in the aloe vera. To do this, cut a leaf and rub it on the affected area. This cools pleasantly and soothes itching.

5. The goutweed

Fresh herb of goutweed is crushed so that a juice comes out. This juice is applied to the puncture site and if necessary cover it with a gauze bandage.

6. The lady’s mantle

Collect some of the lady’s mantle and roll it over with a rolling pin so that the juice begins to ooze out. Put the herb on the certain place and wrap around it.

7. The lemon

Just like the onion, the lemon is also used as a classic for cooling and disinfecting. Simply cut off a slice and put it on.

8. The lemon balm

Who likes can also prepare a melissa oil as a precautionary measure. For this purpose leaves and almond oil (olive oil) are prepared. The finished oil can be applied externally if necessary and helps not only against insect bites.

© by Haideé Zindler