Alternative medicine for back pain – healing methods, applications

Alternative medicine for back pain

The orthodox medical procedures are nowadays increasingly supported and supplemented by alternative medicine, which is also called complementary medicine.

Especially in the case of back pain, it is necessary in many cases that experts from different healing disciplines cooperate with each other, because a holistic view can be extremely useful in this type of pain.

However, if there is exceptionally severe pain in the back, the first step is ideally to discuss alternative healing methods with a competent orthopedist, such as, to discuss and to weigh.

Alternative medicine – What is it?

Under the term of the alternative medicine treatment methods are summarized, which are used as a rule accompanying to the classical school medicine.

The alternative healing methods are often based on therapy concepts, which use natural active substances and always consider the human organism holistically.

Alternative healing methods therefore rarely aim to treat specific symptoms, such as back pain, but rather rely on the body’s self-healing powers.

Also the life circumstances, the nutrition and the psyche represent important aspects for the alternative medicine, which are thus always considered.

Alternative medicine for back pain

The range of alternative medicine approaches is very wide. The most popular healing methods, which also promise relief from back pain, are presented below.


Acupuncture belongs to the traditional Chinese medicine. Fine needles are used, which are inserted into the skin by the therapist at special points on the body – the acupuncture points.

It is assumed that the brain produces mood-lifting and pain-relieving substances during acupuncture, which is why this alternative form of treatment is suitable, among other things, for relieving muscle tension that triggers pain in the back.

The acupressure

Acupressure also belongs to traditional Chinese medicine. Within the framework of this form of therapy, certain points of the body are also stimulated.

The stimulation takes place through circular and tapping massages, which are applied with targeted pressure. In addition, other tools are used, such as acupressure mats and pillows. The aim is to relax the muscles and improve their blood circulation.

Ayurvedic medicine

Ayurveda is a traditional Indian healing art, for which the body is composed of three vital energies, Kapha, Pitta and Vata.

If there is no balance between these forces, complaints and illnesses, such as back pain, are said to occur. Balance is restored by prescribing relaxation techniques, fasting cures or special diet plans.

The Bach flower therapy

The basis of Bach flower therapy is energetically prepared essences of wild flowers, trees and plants.

The so-called subtle plant vibrations are to be passed on to the carrier medium water. Tinctures are prepared, which the patients ingest.

Especially in the case of mental blockages, Bach flower therapy enjoys great popularity, because it is supposed to ensure that the mental balance can be restored.

As the body’s self-healing powers are also supported, the treatment method is also recommended for strengthening the back.


The human organism is a whole made up of different structures that are interrelated.

The basic understanding of osteopathy is that movement restrictions, such as back pain, signal that the body is struggling with a dysfunction.

The alternative healing method is composed of craniossacral, visceral and structural measures of therapy. Thus the brain and head, vessels and internal organs as well as joints, bones and muscles are included in the treatment.