Premenstrual syndrome – How natural remedies can help

Premenstrual syndrome – How natural medicine can help

Premenstrual syndrome refers to the physical and psychological complaints that occur shortly before menstruation. Causes can be organic problems as well as mental stress situations or tensions.

Premenstrual symptoms can be alleviated with exercise, relaxation exercises and herbal remedies.

Premenstrual syndrome – Causes of occurrence

Not every woman suffers from premenstrual syndrome. This makes itself noticeable by various physical and psychological problems. They do not necessarily occur before every menstrual period.

Signs of premenstrual syndrome can include cramping abdominal pain, headaches, breast pain, difficulty concentrating, and emotional upset. Causes are either organic or psychological factors.

The period between one menstrual period and the next is called a cycle. Each cycle is divided into the follicle maturation phase, ovulation, and the luteal phase. In each phase, the body secretes different hormones.

Stress hormones, which are produced in emotionally stressful situations, but also other factors in the environment of the woman can influence the hormone release.

Even the fear of premenstrual syndrome can be responsible for it. The hormonal balance gets out of balance, the designated symptoms appear.

Organic disorders, such as fibroids, polyps or endometriosis, also affect hormone production and can cause the cycle to become confused.

For this reason, it makes sense to make regular use of gynecological preventive care or to visit the gynecologist at the first signs of premenstrual syndrome.

Premenstrual syndrome relief with natural medicine and exercise

Those who suffer from premenstrual syndrome should practice endurance sports. This namely releases muscular and psychological tensions, which are the most frequent causes of premenstrual complaints.

Furthermore, learning relaxation exercises prevents the development of cramps and thus the premenstrual syndrome.

In naturopathy, among other things, antispasmodic teas are used, which are drunk in small sips throughout the day. Among other things, they can be prepared from chamomile or lemon balm.

If premenstrual syndrome occurs in conjunction with a very heavy menstrual period, lady’s mantle, shepherd’s purse or goose cinquefoil preparations can help.

Before they are used, however, the doctor should be consulted, since these affect the hormone balance. Very helpful can be the use of soothing lavender oil.