Arthrosis disease Healthy diet can alleviate symptoms

Osteoarthritis disease: healthy diet relieves symptoms

In the course of life, everyone gets to know the feeling of pain in the knee or hip joint. The first signs of osteoarthritis often become noticeable this way.

Out of sheer fear of joint wear and tear, dietary supplements are swallowed. But do they really help?

How an arthrosis disease can develop?

The disease is always caused by overloading of the corresponding joint surfaces. The ability of the joints to regenerate is permanently impaired.

Especially overweight in combination with the lack of exercise are very often triggers that significantly promote the development of osteoarthritis disease. Here everyone can start early to do something against the creeping disease.

Forms of a Arthrose illness

Osteoarthritis can affect various joints in the body, with osteoarthritis of the knee and hip being diagnosed most frequently. There are the following forms:

  • the arthrosis in the shoulder area,
  • Arthrosis in the hand and finger area,
  • Arthrosis in the area of the hip,
  • Knee osteoarthritis,
  • Arthrosis in the area of the ankle joint.

What can those affected do themselves?

In addition to a diet tailored to the needs of osteoarthritis patients and dietary supplements, patients should try more exercise in everyday life. Low-impact sports such as cycling, swimming, Nordic walking or yoga are recommended for exercise.

In terms of diet, sufferers should cut back on sugar and fat. Just with joint problems meals with fish turned out as very helpfully.

Here everyone can adapt its food plan and if one does not eat so gladly fish, then it helps already to integrate more fruit and vegetable into its daily food plan.

In combination with more movement, everyone will quickly notice that the pounds are falling off and with every kilo less you feel freer and more agile – the arthrosis pain will ideally subside.

What can dietary supplements do?

If it is a matter of an arthrosis disease and one is looking for a nutritional supplement to help, one encounters a large offer. Most supplements contain glucosamine, chondroitin and amino sugars.

Glucosamine is obtained from the shells of crabs and other crustaceans, while chondroitin is obtained from pig ears or shark cartilage.

Studies prove that these supplements can certainly build up impaired bone metabolism and also prevent the breakdown of the important substance. How large the benefit of the food auxiliary means is actual, is thereby controversial.

Many ingredients are elements that only have a demonstrable effect when consumed in large quantities. In order to be able to register a really visible success, concerning would have to swallow enormous quantities at these food auxiliary means.

Many patients report nevertheless an improvement of their illness by high-quality food auxiliary means for Arthrose, like bspw. from

What else can be done to prevent osteoarthritis??

First and foremost, everyone should try to avoid being overweight, because the high body weight not only puts a strain on the bones and joints, but also on other organs. Movement is the be-all and end-all, whereby gentle movements promote cartilage regeneration.

If you are physically fit enough, you can also integrate strength training into your daily routine, because trained muscles effectively relieve the joints, especially in the case of osteoarthritis.

With the conscious nutrition affected persons should pay attention to a high vegetable food portion in their food plan. Red meat and many animal fats promote the tendency to inflammation in the joints.

In any case, those affected should avoid alcohol and nicotine, as these damage the vitality of the cartilage cells.

In the event of a fall or other injury, it is advisable to visit the doctor more often. In the long term, untreated cartilage damage or instability of the joint leads to osteoarthritis disease.

Timely diagnosis and successful treatment can save or alleviate the long suffering of arthritis.