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Your dentist in Rosenheim

With a little initiative and a good dentist in Rosenheim, it is nowadays easily possible to have healthy and beautiful teeth for a lifetime.

Many people are lucky enough to be blessed by nature with a good set of teeth – straight, white, and beautiful. Other people, on the other hand, need the help of an accomplished dentist to be able to go through life with a radiant smile.

Your dentist in Rosenheim Dr. Eva Kupke-Komoroczy

To whichever of the two above groups you belong – the dentist Dr. Eva Kupke-Komoroczy in Rosenheim makes sure that you are satisfied with your teeth in every case.

Prophylaxis – Prevention is the be-all and end-all for healthy teeth

Good practitioners treat both children and adults according to the latest scientific knowledge. The team is open to innovative techniques and offers maximum comfort during treatment. The team places particular emphasis on the area of preventive care & prevention.

Not only do we use traditional methods such as professional teeth cleaning to prevent caries and periodontitis, but also modern techniques such as special interdental brushes.

The use of the small and highly efficient Solo Prophylaxis Stix is also recommended for daily dental care at home. Your dentist in Rosenheim will be happy to advise you in this regard in a personal consultation.

Modern dental treatment – conservative or surgical

Modern dentists offer you individual treatments on a high level. In the bright and friendly practice of a modern practitioner, you can expect a mix of conservative, innovative and surgical treatment methods. The dentists ideally take a lot of time for you and explain each individual treatment step to you in detail.

The spectrum ranges from conservative methods for tooth preservation – example: removal of carious defects – to surgical interventions on the dentition.

Which method the dentist uses always depends on the indication and on your preferences as a patient. It is also very important that a good dentist only uses methods that have been proven to work.

Dentures at your dentist in Rosenheim with detailed consultation

Even if you want to find out about effective and affordable tooth replacement solutions, you can contact the dental practice of your choice. Good offer you a personal consultation on the subject of dentures.

The reasons for using dental implants are as varied as life itself. Sometimes an accident means that teeth have to be replaced, sometimes serious dental diseases are the reason that an implant, a bridge or a prosthesis has to be inserted.

Thanks to the further development of technical possibilities in recent years, it is nowadays possible to replace natural teeth adequately and hardly visibly without any problems. Modern tooth replacement solutions are as good as natural teeth in terms of both appearance and function.

Implantology – modern implant technology for comfort in the dentition

In the past, bridges and dentures were almost exclusively used to replace lost teeth. Today, modern dental implants ensure that you do not have to mourn the loss of your teeth for long. The firmly anchored dental implant is an optimal solution in many respects.

Due to the stable anchoring in the jaw, there is almost never slipping or other annoying side effects, unlike with dentures. In addition, when using dental implants, the healthy adjacent teeth do not have to be ground down as well – unlike bridges or dentures.

The dental practice you trust is always available to personally answer any questions you may have about the use of dental implants.

Aesthetic dentistry – not only healthy, but also beautiful

Modern dentistry offers many possibilities for the aesthetic enhancement of teeth. In good dental practices, as with Dr. Eva Kupke-Komoroczy, there are two highly effective methods in particular to choose from: Zoom! and veneers.

At Zoom! It is a modern tooth whitening system, the efficiency of which has been scientifically proven. Within half an hour to significantly whiter teeth – with Zoom! is possible.

Veneers, on the other hand, are particularly suitable for patients whose teeth are healthy but unattractive: crooked, defective or discolored. The wafer-thin veneers ensure an aesthetically impeccable appearance of your teeth.

Pleasant and painless treatments – also for patients with anxiety

Fear patients are ideally the focus of your trusted dental practice. Sensitive dentists and their team offer patients who are afraid of going to the dentist gentle and painless treatment methods.

In individual cases, even a treatment under anesthesia is conceivable. A well-rehearsed and practiced team takes away your fear of the noise and atmosphere at the dentist’s office.

Let us advise you in detail

A good, personal and detailed consultation belongs to the basic virtues for experienced dentists. In the best case, the dentist has years of experience and attaches great importance to a trusting doctor-patient relationship.

Whether caries, discoloration, periodontitis or preventive care – the team in a good dental practice ensures through a professional approach that your dentures meet all the requirements of everyday life.